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Explanation of the name...

It's not that this is my first attempt at blogging but my previous attempts never went past a couple of posts... This precisely is the 3rd!
This time, I was serious to make it a habit to blog. The idea is, when you want to blog, it has to be about something new, something you tried 'new', in effect, you keeping doing something new. One of my attempts to keep up experimenting.

This time wanted to make it different, a name that has a real meaning, for both the worlds: the one I belong to and the one I came from...
So, was thinking about a name for the blog... 

The beginning of the expression...

The beginning:
As all my computer literate readers will understand, The Slash (/) stands for the root! The Beginning in this context.

The Expression:
The word 'prot' here stands for proteins.Thinking further, what are proteins? Now the life sciences students will may begin with 'Proteins are biochemical compounds blah blah blah' (read that on Wikipedia), but at an higher level than the biochemical definition, they are what the genes express! The Expression...

In short, slashprot ('/prot' to make use of some symbols)!


  1. loved the line :- "for both the worlds: the one I belong to and the one I came from.."


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